Les Sexareenos 14 Frenzied Shakers

You couldn't get any more frat than this unless you bashed a beanie-wearing freshman over the head with an empty beer keg while puking all over your date's dress. Yes, it's international garage faves Les Sexareenos' second album and it's yet another organ-fueled dance party. Recorded in their hometown on four-track by their buddy Cheddy, from the Scat Rag Boosters, these Montrealers play 14 songs in the style of the Kingsmen, but with the revivalist spirit of their predecessors the Mummies and Billy Childish. The stompin' grooves on songs like "Ruby D." and "(Oh Mom) Teach Me How to Uncle Willy" are the main attraction here and they are quite solid indeed. Les Sexareenos are also aided along by their lead singer's healthy set of pipes, which he puts through the paces with seemingly almost crooner-like ease. Sadly, however, the band's ass-shake factor is greatly reduced by a quiet and small sounding production job, keeping this album from reaching its full potential. (Sympathy for the Record Industry)