Les Secretaies Volantes/Von Zippers Dead End Canada

Dead End Canada is a four-song seven-inch that features two songs each by the Von Zippers and Les Secretaires Volantes. The theme is a fake soundtrack to a film about a national unity crisis, which relates to the fact that both bands here are from two different parts of the country. The concept isn't particularly strong and it might even prevent people from checking out the record, since the band names are tiny in comparison to the large, unappealing drawing of Jean Cretien on the front cover. On the Von Zippers side, these barnstorming Calgarians turn in the title track, which is an old Pagans cover with the lyrics changed to be about Canada instead of the States. The rocking-est song here is the second Von Zippers song, a high energy original called "Screwdriver High." Montreal's Les Secretaires Volantes sing one song here in French, the peppy "Je Donne Mon Corps A La Science," and one in English, the overly long and kinda boring "Don't Do It." While this single is hardly either band's greatest work, hardcore fans will still have to act fast to get one of the 600 limited edition copies. (Mag Wheel)