Les Savy Fav Offshoot Office Romance Announce Holidays EP

Les Savy Fav Offshoot Office Romance Announce Holidays EP
Les Savy Fav haven't delivered any new music since 2010's Root for Ruin, but bassist Syd Butler and guitarist Seth Jarbourg have teamed up outside of the longtime project to write some holiday tunes under the name Office Romance.

A press release explains that Jarbourg, Butler and actress Amy Carlson (Blue Bloods) got together to write the three-song I Love the Holidays EP, which comes out December 11 through Butler's Frenchkiss Records. The yuletide carols in question apparently put the songwriters in a different sonic headspace than they were used to.

"Writing a holiday song was harder than we expected," Butler said in a statement. "On one hand you have a map and on the other hand you know you can't stray to far off the path. At the end of the day is was a great challenge and a lot of fun to break out of the post punk/art genre to write a song or style I was not very comfortable writing."

Song samples have yet to arrive, but the press release reports that Carlson's lyrics drew inspiration from Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday. It also notes that the trio are joined on the recordings by guest vocalist Alex Winston. You can check the tracklisting down below.

I Love the Holidays EP:

1. I Love the Holidays (ft. Alex Winston)
2. Holidays Aren't The Same Without You (ft. Alex Winston)
3. Twinkling Lights