Les Morts Du Rock pour Satan

Les Morts kick it pretty darn tootin' wild on a debut CD that they apparently had to re-record cause it was too "clean" sounding the first time around. For the most part, it now sounds like singer Dia Rey's name. The singing sounds like it comes from some obscene tattooed and abused harlot that could whip you into shape if she could ever rise herself from her drunken stupor; the musical backdrop isn't much friendlier. This is ’70s punk garage speed with chunka-chunka reverb guitars that strain to keep up with the rhythm. The ballads on here are mostly about the speed of fast vehicles and the speed of dangerous brain-altering substances as experienced by the various nefarious (fictional?) characters in the songs. On “Chicoutimi” we learn about the glue-sniffing, Mötley Crüe-loving youth culture of the town and “Jack Daniel's” is about a trucker named Chacal that's headed straight for a "touché rectal." There are biker allusions abound, people fight and have reckless sex, we better hope to God that Les Morts are just pretending to be this tough. (L'Empire Kerozen)