Les Momies de Palerme Le Cagibi, Montreal, QC, September 23

Les Momies de PalermeLe Cagibi, Montreal, QC, September 23
Photo: Steve Louie
Les Momies de Palerme's Marie Davidson's face was worth a million clams when mistress of ceremony and diet-non-diet Divine look-alike Miss Fluffy Souffle announced: "Judging by the keyboards set up on stage, I can tell the next number will be a real dance party." As part of Queer Pop, this performance by Constellation Records' new age/kosmische combo was unfortunately not the no-pants party the host could have wished for. Yet, as anyone who was there could tell, the band were channelling something way more visceral and, to say the least, closer to Diamanda Galas and Klaus Schulze than the Weather Girls.

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