Les Mod's Bang Sister Bang

Slap a target sticker on a tin of dog food and you can sell it as pâté. Such is the conformity of the trendy mod scenes that continue to drive successful theme nights at crappy dives the pretentious world over. Whether or not they’re intentionally trying to capitalise on that phenomen-not, Montreal’s Les Mod’s have no doubt sold a few a tickets to some sharp-dressed kids expecting something a little more Purple Hearts than Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Now, the anything-goes rock/soul/funk/punk band is set to bonus out on same CD sales based on the same misconception. If the band’s ham-handed jack-of-all-genres approach isn’t enough to turn you off, then its propensity for keeping woeful fist vocal takes will be. Ands what’s the apostrophe in the band’s name for? Some decent guitar work here, but that doesn’t make up for the litany of shortcomings ranging from songwriting to sonics. (Independent)