Les Doights de l'Homme 1910

The fourth full-length album from Les Doigts de l'Homme is a nimble nod to their guitar hero, Django Reinhardt. This 17-track album is akin to a book that is difficult to put down. Delightful twists and turns will have keen listeners re-listening intently. The group's singular arrangement of Rogers and Heart's classic "Blue Skies" or their lightning-fast odd-time signature romp through "Old Man River" prove their unique ability to impose their creative artistic touch on songs everyone knows. Effortless mastery of their individual instruments and lively, edgy renditions of classic tunes are the group's forte. Their sixth sense interaction literally leaps out of speakers, especially on the title track, featuring the addition of yet another guitar virtuoso, Adrien Moignard. The timeless appeal of gypsy jazz is vividly demonstrated by members whose diverse musical backgrounds and deep musicality fuel the record's deep, uniquely passionate sound. Virtuoso solos, quirky arrangements and seamless group interaction all add up to music that would surely satisfy Django. (Alma)