Lemon Jelly Lemonjelly.ky

Three ultra-rare EPs have been melded into one offering and served up fresh for those looking for refreshing beats and optimistic hooks. The Bath, The Yellow and The Midnight records are nothing short of exceptional and are highlighted by extremely catchy, almost pop-like rhythms. Lemon Jelly has painted a picture of gorgeous proportions through these EPs by giving off positive energy through their child-like samples and comical snippets. Tracks such as "A Tune For Jack" will surely bring a grin to your face, as an infant's voice is repeatedly woven into the high-pitched piano loops and "Homage To Patagonia" is of epic calibre, with a triumphant choir leading the way. Lemon Jelly has succeeded in making a cheerful and clever compilation without sacrificing quality or letting the tracks become campy or sugary. Most of the selections are in fact quite deep and full of substance, sometimes equal to the work of Luke Vibert. This is definitely an excellent opportunity for heads to get a sample of what Lemon Jelly has to offer before the release of their new album next year. (XL)