Leif Vollebekk "Off the Main Drag" on Exclaim! TV

Leif Vollebekk "Off the Main Drag" on Exclaim! TV
North Americana was just released last month, and since then, Leif Vollebekk has had a pretty steady stream of tour dates lined up throughout March. Schedules be damned, we invited Vollebekk and company to the Exclaim! office to see what we could expect to see at this year's Canadian Music Fest.

With a harmonica wrapped around his neck, Vollebekk treated us to his narrative-style singing and songwriting with a laid-back performance of "Off the Main Drag." He stuck pretty close to the original, with some added whining hums and twang-y harmonica solos.

Vollebekk will be playing an acoustic set tonight (March 21) at the Marriott Hotel at 9:00 PM for CMW followed by a 10:00 PM show at Holy Oak in Toronto. For some pre-show hype, take a look at his live performance of "Off the Main Drag" below.

Filmed by Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Nicole Ruggiero