Legendary Stardust Cowboy Live In Chicago

Bughouse is the right label for this one. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, or The Ledge for his close pals, first came blasting out of Buddy Holly's hometown of Lubbock, TX, back in 1968 with "Paralyzed," a record that's been voted the worst single on at least one occasion, and the closest he ever came to a hit. And it's immediately obvious that ol' Ledge has not been corrupted by the passage of time. After a sizzling and mostly instrumental "Ghost Riders In The Sky," he immediately launches into the weirdness that is "Paralyzed." The boy don't even know enough to save his big hit for the end. The rest of the disc is pretty much rewrites of "Paralyzed," which means that he babbles incoherently while the band burns through what would be smoking instrumentals that wouldn't sound out of place on a Sadies record. Between songs there's some more bellicose babbling when he's not telling grade school jokes, flogging the videos at his merch table and hocking up loogies - at one point I was sure that he'd brought up a whole lung. Still, ya gotta love that band, which includes Dead Kennedy Klaus Flouride on bass, and song titles like "My Underwear Froze To A Clothesline," "I Took A Trip (On The Space Shuttle)" and "Standing In A Trashcan (Thinking Of You)." On second thought, maybe the label should be BugFuck. (Bughouse)