Legendary Invisible Men Come Get Some

The Legendary Invisible Men has been the side project of a couple of the Bomboras for years, and following the break-up of that group, the Invisible Men have been taken off the backburner and been given full priority. The sound here is a take on the mid-'60s "frat stomper" genre mixed with a bit of psych and all driven home with a super-cranky attitude. The twin guitars are as fuzzed out as the minds of these stoned L.A. natives, and high energy songs like "Blind Man" and "These Shoes" sound like the Mummies jamming with Mudhoney. Smartly avoiding the lo-fi swamp that garage was generally stuck in for years, the slick, rapid-fire attack of this record is sure to keep the go-go girls dancing all night. Come Get Some also has the distinction of being the garage album with the word "fuck" used the most times. (Dionysus)