Led Zeppelin T-Shirt Sells for a Whopping $10,000

Led Zeppelin T-Shirt Sells for a Whopping $10,000
Being a dedicated Led Zeppelin fan can be an expensive pursuit. Last year, guitarist Jimmy Page rolled out a photo autobiography that cost over $700. Now, we have received word that a Led Zeppelin T-shirt has sold for $10,000 U.S.

The shirt was perhaps the rarest Zeppelin tee in existence. It was printed for a pair of 1979 concerts at Knebworth House, England, where it was used as a replacement for a standard backstage pass.

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles [via The Daily Swarm] reports that the shirt was sold by Kyle Ermatinger of online retailer Stormcrow Vintage. He originally bought the item for $123 from the shop that printed the originals.

"At the time, I thought I may have overpaid," he admitted, "until I got back home, looked it up online and noticed it was ranked No. 1 as the rarest Zeppelin T-shirt."

As for the sale, he said, "My jaw hit the floor. Given this shirt may be one of the only ones in existence, the price tag is completely justifiable. It's a rock relic, beyond rare. Admittedly, I still frequently pinch myself."

The item sold on eBay, making it one of the most expensive T-shirt transactions in the website's history.

"Other T-shirts have been priced higher on eBay, but never sold," explained James Applegath of Defunkd.com. "We've documented eBay's highest-selling T-shirts on our blog for years and nothing has come close."

One thing is certain: Ermatinger definitely didn't overpay when he found that shirt for $123.