Led Zeppelin May Release New Album, DVD of Reunion Gig

Led Zeppelin May Release New Album, DVD of Reunion Gig
Led Zeppelin are not completely, 100 percent quashing the idea of recording a new studio album, according to member John Paul Jones. In a recent interview with Uncut, the bassist said that he along with Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are not exactly considering the possibility of a tenth album, but not exactly dismissing the idea. This comes after the three remaining members recently turned down a massive £300 million offer to tour the world. Oh, yeah, it was only Robert Plant who did that.

"I'm not sure. I'm not too certain about anything right at the moment," page told the NME's sister magazine. "I've got no idea what's going to happen. But I'd certainly like to play with Jimmy [Page] again." Wow, it sounds like a sure thing. And, wait a minute, was that a Robert Plant diss?

As for anything further, after the band's December 10 gig at the O2 Arena in London, Jones let slip even more uncertainty. "I'd have to think about that," he said. "We spoke afterwards [after the O2 Arena show] and we thought the same - it felt like the first night of a tour. You think, 'oh, I could do that a bit better, or change something in that song'. And we didn't get a chance to do any more."

In the same interview, Jimmy Page discussed the possibility that the O2 Arena gig could come get a DVD release, one day. "It was recorded, but we didn't go in with the express purpose of making a DVD," he said. "We haven't seen the images or investigated the multi-tracks. It's feasible that it might come out at some distant point, but it'll be a massive job to embark on."

Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" (Live at O2 Arena)