Learn How to Document Toronto's Music History with Wavelength's Wikipedia Jam

Learn How to Document Toronto's Music History with Wavelength's Wikipedia Jam
Toronto's Wavelength Music Festival is set to take over the city once more from February 17 to 19 this year, and on top of performances from TOPS, Diana, Julie Doiron & the Wrong Guys, Phèdre and more, attendees can take part in a Toronto Music "Wikipedia Jam."

According to the festival's website, the event will serve to teach interested Toronto music documentarians about shedding light on the online encyclopedia's blind spots when it comes to the local Toronto scene, pointing out that iconic venues such as the Silver Dollar Room have little to no presence on Wikipedia.

The event will be led by Mechanical Forest Sound's Joe Strutt, who organized a first "Jam" event after finding the site didn't contain an entry for the Canadian Creative Music Collective, founders of Toronto's Music Gallery (who now have a Wikipedia page).

Strutt revealed the following about the Wavelength event:

Have you ever wanted to edit Wikipedia but felt too nervous to dive in? We'll talk about setting up an account and the basics of wiki-editing. Are you ready to write an article? We can talk about finding sources and writing from a neutral point of view. Do you already have the basics down? We can talk about templates and other next-level topics.

The all-ages event will run from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on February 19 at the Gladstone Hotel, and attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop if they have one. You can learn more about the Wikipedia Jam here.

As previously reported, a festival pass for full access to Wavelength's three days of music will run you $26, while individual tickets range from $7 to $10 in advance. You can find full ticketing information, as well as detailed day-by-day schedules, at the festival's official website.