Leaders Now We Are Free

When albums are recommended "for fans of," the writer must consider what the band actually sound like, as opposed to what they wish to sound like. Leaders (a band that want to be placed next to Hatebreed and Living Sacrifice in your collection) sound much more like their Christian metalcore contemporaries than their supposed influences on Now We Are Free. While Hatebreed vary their breakdowns with hardcore riffs, Leaders prefer metal, which could lead to the appropriate Living Sacrifice comparisons, but Leaders are nowhere near as adventurous or ground breaking as their predecessors. Instead, "Conviction" sounds like an outtake from As I Lay Dying's latest and almost every other track draws heavy influence from For Today, or any of their other label-mates. If the band's goal was to be heavy, they achieved it, but if they were attempting to break ground or sound as advertised, they missed the mark. Now We Are Free is more appropriately for fans of For Today or War of Ages. However, this sound is already being done better by the band's label-mates, not to mention the genre as a whole. (Facedown)