Le Tigre Le Tigre

This is the rock album I've been waiting for. Chock-a-block full of grooves, catchy kooky sounds, novel guitar and razor smart lyrics, this debut collaboration between Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin), dyke video maker Sadie Benning and 'zine writer Johanna Fateman is simply all that. Imagine the Shangri-Las hooking up with Cibo Matto and, well, Bikini Kill and you'd get half the picture. This is smart, sassy and deceptively simple fun — at long last the next step in the evolution of riot-grrl inspired rock. "Deceptacon" may well qualify as best rock song of the year — with its screamin' vocals, bits of new wave guitar and bursts of sound, the energetic romp nods slyly at ’60s girl groups and surf songs while bursting gaily forward. An old-school drum machine was clearly the girlz best friend in the making of the album and they put it to good use. "Hot Topic" is an ode to women that inspire, a rollicking “go on and keep goin' on sisters” message delivered over bumpin' grooves, fuzzy guitars, scratches, claves and trumpet. "My My Metrocard" is a direct dis of NYC mayor Guiliani and love-in with the subway, featuring boppy farfisa organ, tap-a-long drums and dream team vocals. Le Tigre riff on Beck riffing on the Beatles with "Friendship Station" and simply rip it up over the steady guitars, beats and hand claps of "The The Empty." It doesn't get much better than this. (Wiiija)