Le Nombre Le Nombre

Le Nombre includes former members of Les Secretaires Volantes and Demolition, two rock’n’roll juggernauts from Quebec. With vocals sung entirely in French, Le Nombre’s debut offers charged rock’n’roll in a moderately similar vein to the rousing sounds of the Hellacopters and Glucifer. Le Nombre’s songs, however, are more upbeat and straightforward, with less emphasis on extended guitar solos or metal predilections. "Ce N’est Pas Pour Nous,” "Je Visse Une Ampoule” and album closer "Delateurs” tear up asphalt with raging guitars, thunderous bass and drums, and robust vocals, while the muted guitars of "Souris” give way to furious, strut-inspiring rock. Although Le Nombre’s chief focus is certainly fuelled rock’n’roll, the group is also disposed to stray into divergent ground. "Fleur De Cendrier” is a looming ballad while "Je Ne Peux Plus Dire Je T’aime” is an earnest campfire tune, highlighting acoustic guitar and piano, and "Marianne” is a direct and infectious pop punk song. Le Nombre’s debut shows the band members capably carrying on the solid rock tradition of their previous groups. (Blow the Fuse)