LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy Snubs Janet Jackson

LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy Snubs Janet Jackson
Along with his recent contributions to the Greenberg soundtrack, James Murphy has been incredibly busy getting set for the upcoming LCD Soundsystem effort This Is Happening. According to various reports, the album might even be the last new release from the project. With that in mind, the DFA head-honcho will have a number of work possibilities in front of him. One person he likely won't be working with, however, is Janet Jackson.

MTV UK points to a recent interview Murphy did with Uncut, where he reveals that he turned down a Janet Jackson collaboration with ease.

"I got a phone message from Janet Jackson saying. 'Hi, I love 'Losing My Edge,' can you do me something funky and dirty like that?'" he explains. "I can't really do off-the-peg stuff, so I never called back. It's not a problem. I'll always find a way to make a living."

This Is Happening will be released on May 18 via DFA/Virgin. The entire album is now streaming here in our Click Hear section.

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