LCD Soundsystem "Live Alone" (Franz Ferdinand cover)

LCD Soundsystem 'Live Alone' (Franz Ferdinand cover)
Record Store Day (April 16) is turning out to be a great day for covers compilations. There's Foo Fighters' Medium Rare, Deftones' Covers, Ty Segall's T. Rex tribute, Ty Rex, and this: an EP of Franz Ferdinand covers.

All of the songs on the Franz covers effort originally came from 2009's Tonight, and they've been redone by a star-studded cast of artists, including LCD Soundsystem, Stephin Merritt, Deborah Harry, Peaches and ESG.

Here's LCD Soundsystem's contribution, the dance-y, seven-and-a-half-minute version of "Live Alone." It has a bass-heavy disco pulse, combined with skewed piano plunks and sweeping synth strings.

The tracklist and song stream are below.


1. Deborah Harry - "Live Alone"
2. LCD Soundsystem - "Live Alone"
3. Peaches - "Turn It On"
4. ESG - "What She Came For"
5. Stephin Merritt - "Dream Again"