Lazyeye Until It Fell

For those who find a yearning for something sweet, paisley, melodic, and retro with their pop, then Lazyeye, a young, albeit seasoned and promising Southern Ontario band could be your salvation. Upon immediate spinning of this home-grown disc of aluminium and dye, one can hear a severe influence taken from early Smashing Pumpkins, circa 1993, but this is not to be criticised in a bad way, as, well, at least it’s early Pumpkins, and a fine starting point. And there are plenty of changes in tempos, melodies, arrangements and inventive vocals with chimerical lyrics — which is what makes this band a welcoming find — they can trip out the listener with instrumental bridges of sighs and pleasurable percussive tremors, or they could full on rock with punkish pop-metal furore. Putting on Lazyeye is a safe bet — like knowing you will be comforted with your favourite ice cream or drug. This is the audio equivalent of that — and while we're at it, this disc is a definite superior alternative for those who find the Zwan album unimpressive. No kidding. (Crony)