The Laze Deliver Their Score to 1925's 'The Phantom of the Opera' for One Way Static

The Laze Deliver Their Score to 1925's 'The Phantom of the Opera' for One Way Static
That the classic 1925 horror film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera was produced during the silent era has left many ambitiously offering up their own score to the musically minded movie. Soundtrack lovers One Way Static have given UK outfit the Laze's version a big thumbs-up and will be pressing their score this summer.

Due to be shipped out August 12 on various formats, the release marks the first recorded version of the UK septet's Phantom. The band premiered the score at Liverpool's Picturehouse cinema on Halloween 2010 and later took the production on tour. Described in a press release as "nervous classical music," the Laze's interpretation is said to takes cues from soundtracks composed by the likes Goblin, John Carpenter and Bernard Hermann, while also mixing in touches of prog, heavy metal, jazz and electronica.

You'll find a few samples from the set down below.

One Way Static will deliver the score on standard black wax, as well as in limited vinyl pressings on clear with black-and-white splatter and clear/black split vinyl. The LPs will come housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket featuring new, Lon Chaney Sr.-saluting artwork from Luke Insect. CD and cassette editions add an extra track ("Master of the Dark Arts") to the 14 found on the LP release, while the cassette version also features alternate artwork.

Light in the Attic are handling the distribution for North America, and you can pre-order the various versions over here.

The Laze's The Phantom of the Opera is the group's fourth full length, and follows their 2010 effort Spacetime Fabric Conditioner.

The Phantom of the Opera (1925 Motion Picture Soundtrack):

1. Hidden from Man and Sun

2. Faust Phantasmal

3. The Chaos of the Cursed House

4. Under the Earth and Across a Black Lake

5. Languish in Love (Erik and Christine)

6. The Face of Terror (Metamorphosen)

7. Above and Beyond (An Impossible Love)

8. I Am Ledoux

9. Evil Spirit

10. Watery Grave

11. Spectral Fury (Voices from the Room of Many Mirrors)

12. Heat, Intolerable Heat

13. Scorpion vs Grasshopper

14. The Strangler's Cord
15. Master of the Dark Arts (The Strangler's Cord - Extended Mix) *

* CD and Cassette only