Laws Two

The Laws have graced us with Two, the BC couple’s second record in as many years. With very pretty playing and songwriting, John and Michele Law wear their hearts on their sleeves and lay their cards on the table. Simple, honest, clear and fine, nothing is really left to chance. This is okay for a brief respite from the everyday "big hat” music scene, but it doesn’t have much for you to really sink your teeth into. The Laws adjust to the weather nicely without bending too much in the breeze, and stormy it isn’t. There’s the usual country clichés of "Heartache and Booze” and "Let’s Hit the Road” done up real pretty. Sometimes you need a reason to down a quick shot of whiskey, and while they know the brand, I wonder if they have the motive? Two is comfy morning after music for those who have someone to come home to. (Independent)