Lawrence & Leigh Odyssey Vol III: Hills and Masts

Lawrence & LeighOdyssey Vol III: Hills and Masts
Brooklyn, NY-based Kristin Stokes and Andrew Kalleen have begun their ambitious vision of a three-part Odyssey by starting with the end in mind, the six-track Vol III. Their goal is to eventually combine all three EPs into an 18-track release. There isn't a moment on Hills and Masts that isn't engaging, although highlights include the nearly six-minute-long "Glow" and the spine-tingling "Chelsea Nights." The record's hypnotic effect carries you through Stokes's operatic indulgences, visceral bluesy wails and '60s doo-wop backing vocals. These elements add nostalgic magic to the record's fuzz-saturated ambience ― embellished with echo-y effects, distorted clanging and street buzz recordings ― dropping you into an ethereal dream that weaves through generations of sounds. You'd even swear that Elliot Smith appeared momentarily to haunt "Heeled Shoes." (Independent)