Lawn Jockies Until Now

The Lawn Jockies prove that you can be tongue-in-cheek and jokey without being a moron. The eclectic debut album can best be described as "funk'n'roll" - there is a definite draw from the late '60s, early '70s R&B groove the Chili Peppers resurrected a decade ago. Most other songs are pop, radio-friendly riff rock. A lot of these songs would do well for a mass-audience, especially the Hootie-swoony "How Could You?" and the title track. The biggest and most enjoyable surprise is the snarky "Lounge Lizard," which slashes sleazoids and bar swine. The Lawn Jockies could do better by pushing the envelope a bit further than they do, but they have a pretty solid bet here. (RCD)