Lauryn Hill Pens Thank-You Letter to Fans

Lauryn Hill Pens Thank-You Letter to Fans
Last week, Lauryn Hill was freed from prison after serving three months for tax evasion. Having already premiered a new song, the former Fugee has penned an open letter to her fans, thanking them for their support while she was in the clink.

This so-called "Letter of Recognition" is the latest in a handful of thank-yous from Hill, who previously relayed messages of gratitude from jail via posts on her Tumblr page. In her latest message to fans, she writes that the letters she received kept her spirits up and confirmed that "sincere expression has a serious purpose."

She also offered some spiritual advice and signed it "In Love and Freedom." Read the full letter transcript below, and scroll past that to hear her recently unveiled song, "Consumerism." On Tumblr, she posted a massive list of all the fans to whom she owes a personal thanks.

Letter of Recognition -

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who wrote letters and sent packages and books. Because of you there was not one day that I didn't receive mail while I was away. I appreciated that. Also, know that many of your letters not only touched me but continued to confirm for me what I already knew but needed to hear again: that sincere expression has a serious purpose. If one of you had been touched, picked up, encouraged, prevented from succumbing to some measure of social or Spiritual decline, then it was worth it. Folks, walk strong, seek light and Universal correction in all things. Know that man-made concerns and Universal concerns are not always in agreement. Obviously, strive to please God. Thank you again and again.

In Love and Freedom,
Ms. Lauryn Hill