Laura Marling Returns with New LP

Laura Marling Returns with New LP
Last year, English songstress Laura Marling reached a whole new audience when she collaborated on an EP with Mumford & Sons and a group of Indian musicians. That means that more people than ever will be listening when she drops her latest full-length, A Creature I Don't Know, on September 13 via Ribbon Music.

This will be Marling's third LP -- an impressive feat considering that she only recently turned 21. The folksy songwriter again teamed up with producer Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams). A press release describes the results as an "incredibly intimate album" bolstered by a "rollicking live band feel."

We can expect the album to offer more pretty, tuneful folk tunes from the acclaimed Brit. The LP contains "ten original compositions of intricate and captivating storytelling, buoyed by Marling's rich voice, evocative lyrics and the precise, confident instrumentation on every track"

See a video preview of the album below, which features Marling playing a delicate acoustic ballad along to some artsy, slow-motion footage.

Pre-order your copy here. It's available as a CD, LP, or special edition box set that comes with a DVD.