Laumė Waterbirth

Laumė Waterbirth
New Zealand-born musician Kim Pflaum releases her first record under the moniker Laumė. The songwriter previously fronted the band Yumi Zouma and released a solo EP as Madeira. Now, with the debut release of her current project, Pflaum presents three years of work in Waterbirth.
Acidic bass lines are a mainstay throughout the album, bubbling beneath the plethora of sounds spread like paint across a canvas. The vocals feel natural and organic amongst the synthesized soundscape of each song.
Laumė's lyrics do not reinvent the wheel, but do convey clear concepts that are easy for listeners to grasp, while enjoying the instrumental component of each track. For example, lyrics on "Shy Kids" celebrate introspection, a simple and familiar concept that creates a connection between artist and listener — all accompanied by an upbeat percussive synth beat, making the song relatable and danceable.
Waterbirth shows real genius in sound design. Every song is a lush synthetic jungle where tone grows and blooms into a new instrument at every turn. Laumė layers percussive and brass synths at the top of the mix, letting arpeggiators accompany the drum beats in driving the songs forward, while string and pad synths fill in all the cracks. Waterbirth oozes with the passion of its creator. The record sounds like Laumė had fun recording it, which makes it fun to listen to. (Carpark)