Laub Intuition

Another unclassifiable remix album, one that says more about the remixers involved than the artists. Laub and their label, Kitty-Yo, don't seem to have insisted on fidelity to the original tracks; everyone's just doing their own thing. Aside from the 4/4 kick drum mantra that underpins most house and techno remixes, just about every fast or slow beat-oriented style crops up on Intuition. Every remixer espouses the squelch; every tune has a different take on a filtery wah sound as a lead voice. The chilly German vocals (not unlike Björk's vocal phrasings) are excellent hooks on top of the building blocks of rhythm samples. Richard Thomas has perhaps the most novel approach: he tells a story with one sound after another, using no beats, just a series of sound groups that develop one by one. It's not ambient: it's a very original approach to songwriting and remixing. Clifford Gilberto contributes his usual high quality beat celebration. Phoneheads hit hard with an orthodox but heavy d&b take on "Weit Weg." Dub is well represented by Elektronauten's take on "Diffus" and Matthias Schaffhauser's "Dub Ware Mix". Other highlights are Schneider TM's "Urlaub Widergefurlich" and Pole's trails of grit mix of "Grau." (Kitty Yo)