Latterman …We Are Still Alive

Performing the same kind of hyper-energetic sing-along-core as Against Me! or (Young) Pioneers, Latterman have proven one thing over their three full-length releases: there is little more satisfying than hearing your own ideals reflected in the shouted chorus of a song like "If Batman Were Real He’d Beat The Crap Out Of My Friends.” The song’s message of "If you think punk’s dead you haven’t met my friends,” embodies the spirit held by ever one of these ten tracks. "Mumbled Words and Ridiculous Faces” features one of the catchiest choruses on the whole record, sung at full force by dual vocalists Phil Douglas and Matt Canino, which sounds as basement-ready as anything ever recorded by the band. As aggressive, hopeful, and honest as their highly-regarded No Matter Where We Go…!, …We Are Still Alive should be required listening for any fan of melodic sing-alongs, driving guitars, and do it yourself ethics. (Deep Elm)