Last House On The Left Among Flies

For many, the words Last House On The Left brings forth the memory of Wes Craven's 1972 horror movie where two teens get slaughtered while in the big city. Albuquerque, New Mexico's LHOTL made a conscious decision to use the movie's title, hoping to recreate music as dark and intense as the film. And to do so this multi-sub-genre metal band have mined metal, death and black. Using an ominous voice to lead into a piano solo on "Night's Ador" feels like a scene from a blood-soaked movie until Daniel McBride's blast beats are met with low growls and a high-pitched scream, as well as ripping guitar riffs, while "Bloodletting The Sun" uses a heavier technical slant to portray their death metal proficiency via quick double kicks and even lower vocals. Among Flies does vary itself, drawing sounds from different sub-genres, with LHOTL possessing the ability to make those sounds their own. (Ferrett/S.O.A.R.)