Last Days Of April Angel Youth

With a sound that crosses genres between mainstream stadium-ready alterna-rock, experimental indie pop and emo, LDOA's third release is an inspired fusion of sounds, styles and emotions. Sounding at times like a cross between Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott, the Weakerthans and Radiohead, Angel Youth is an inspired collection of ten songs that are as genuine and heartfelt as they are compelling and expertly assembled and delivered. A simple and hypnotic song like "The Days I Recall Being Wonderful" is augmented with analog guitar device accents and lush synthetic string arrangements while "Glowing Me Choking You" shows the band can rock out. There's even a tender music-box ballad in the form of "Make Friends With Time" that, with its harpsichord and classic rock elements, would make Rick Wakeman proud. (Bad Taste)