Lassie Foundation/Duraluxe I Duel Sioux and the Ale of Saturn

A dual release by these two California bands works rather nicely together, as they both share similar dreamy, melodic sounds. Each band showcases six songs that, unlike most compilation albums, mix smoothly when the seventh track comes in. The Lassie Foundation's six tracks seem to hit the melodies of last year's Pacifico album, without all of the shoe-gazing layers of sound. Instead, they use some Beatles psychedelia with bongos, repetitive lyrics and trippy guitars on "The Golden State" and focus more on Teenage Fanclub's song structures with "You Could Shoot Me Down." Luckily the wonderful falsetto vocals of Wayne Everett are still intact. A smooth transition is made into Duraluxe's six songs, making sense as to why these bands decided to split an album. Beginning with some xylophone on "Ruled By Fear," the band fit in with a sound made popular by bands like Grandaddy and Elf Power. The song's helium-induced vocals, along with noisy, swirling guitars, almost make Duraluxe begin to sound like the Lassie Foundation, and vice versa. The freewheeling "All Right" maintains a synthetic "Sympathy For The Devil" drumbeat that compliments singer Chris Colbert's uplifting lyrics. And the finale, "The Ones You Trust," has damn near the anthemic power of the latest Sloan single, making it time to party. It's only when the song ends that you realise that the album has also ended, which means the party is over as well. It's a good ride while it lasts. (Grand Theft Autumn)