Lassie Foundation Pacifico

Call it space pop or call it shoegazing, but there is no denying the fact that it is making a huge comeback these days. Not much has changed in the past ten years or so, musically, and the albums that are being released these days would fit in quite happily with anything from the early '90s and vice versa. There might be a few extra effect pedals at the bands' disposal these days, but the shoegazing world has pretty much been treading water on the whole. That's not exactly a bad thing, though, when a band like the Lassie Foundation can come up with one of the more impressive albums in that genre in some time. Pacifico is actually a reissue of a 1999 album (which was deleted almost immediately) and it features some tracks from their earlier EPs. It doesn't sound dated, though, instead it has that classic sound that it shares with many bands from the shoegazing peak, such as Ride, Slowdive and, in particular, Pale Saints. But unlike so many other bands in the same genre, the Lassie Foundation appears to have a liking for brevity - their songs just say what they have to and then stop. And it does work to their advantage because there's no chance for it to get overly tedious. They obviously don't take themselves too seriously either, with some wonderfully grandiose song titles like "She's The Coming Sun - She's Long Gone" and "I've Got The Rock and Roll For You." Pacifico goes for extremes, from the exceptionally quiet moments to swooping guitars and white noise, all accompanied by vocal harmonies. It might be a tried and tested formula, but it still sounds fresh when it is done well and this is very much one of those cases. (Parasol)