Lashes The Stupid Stupid

The Lashes are six boys from Seattle whose glammed out, new wave pop tunes crackle and shine with every beat. This debut EP was produced by John Goodmanson, who has worked with greats like Bikini Kill and Blonde Redhead. These four songs fly with a sparkling energy, riding powered up harmonies all the way. Songs like "Death By Mixtape” are driven by catchy guitar hooks and twinkling keyboards, giving the Lashes an irresistible, honey coated sound with enough of a power punk twist too keep it from getting too sappy. Reminiscent of the all-night energy of glam rockers the Toilet Boys, akin to the major chord mania of the Libertines, mixed in with their own little quirks, it’s sure that the Lashes will make a good first impression with this debut. (Lookout!)