Laser 'Night Driver' (album stream)

Laser'Night Driver' (album stream)
Last year, members of Broken Social Scene, the Beauties and Transistor Sound and Lighting Co. announced the formation of Laser. The group are set to release their debut album Night Driver at the end of the week, but Exclaim! has got you covered with an advanced listen to the LP in its entirety.

The band — composed of Lisa Lobsinger, Paul Pfisterer and Martin Davis Kinack — previously shared album cuts like "Leaving It Too Late" and "Do We All Feel It," but now you can hear how those songs fit into to the full-length landscape. Dreamy yet driven forward by drum machine beats, psychedelic synths and infectiously catchy vocal hooks, the songs come together in a cohesive electro-pop collection.

From light, bounce-along songs like "Leaving It Too Late" and "Maniacs" to tracks bubbling with something more sinister below their shiny, synth-pop surfaces ("Disco Night Driver," "Disconnect," "Bleed You"), Night Driver strikes a balance between binaries like light and dark, warm and cool, before bringing everything to a soft, sweet close with "Linda."

Night Driver is officially out on January 29 through Foreseen Entertainment, but you can give the album an early spin right now in the player below.