Lapalux Lustmore

On Lapalux's second LP, it's clear that the British producer has more in mind than plush, sexy beats and rich sonic textures. Those elements are certainly still evident, but Lustmore goes a step beyond them, a step towards a more visual narrative. Openly, Lapalux has spoken of Lustmore's relation to hypnogogia — the state of consciousness between being awake and asleep — which is noticeable on entrancing tracks like "Sum Body" and "Funny Games," but there appears to be even more than this concept at play.
Lustmore unfolds like a story, a seedy tale of one's fall into debauchery. It starts on some questionable beginnings with "U Never Know" and on through the slow descent with "Midnight Peelers," while morals disintegrate on "Don't Mean A Thing." Finally, there's the rock bottom moment via the aptly titled "Make Money," a subsonic onslaught of a track that, despite being under two minutes, is so grimy that it still stands out as one of the album's highlights. Lustmore's mini-journey takes many interesting turns, all of which are accompanied by layers of interesting sounds and downright slick production, and in true Lapalux style, it's every inch as luscious as the artwork suggests. (Brainfeeder)