Lantlôs Melting Sun

LantlôsMelting Sun
German blackgazers Lantlôs have always been entwined closely with French leaders of the genre Alcest, due to the latter's founder/singer Neige providing vocals for the former for several years. The comparison has not always been entirely fair; while Alcest have consistently gentled their sound, drifting ever further into a shimmering, liminal dreamscape, Lantlôs have become firmer, anchoring their nebulous textures with tightly knotted structures and muscular chords. On Melting Sun, band leader Herbst (Markus Siegenhort) has taken over the mic, and his mellifluous yet powerful voice on this record marks movement further away from Alcest's dreamy aesthetic.

This album is possessed by a swelling, supple kind of power. The songwriting is both emotionally authentic and unapologetically catchy, with strong rhythm guitar and bass lines supporting layers of lighter, more ephemeral guitar exploration. "Azure Chimes" is a positively infectious single, while "Aquamarine Towers" has the deep, swooping elliptical shapes of post-metal. At once moving and accessible, Melting Sun is an exquisite example of blackgaze that is comfortable exploring intricate and delicate textures while still retaining its heaviness. (Prophecy)