Lantlôs Agape

Lantlôs originated as a post-black metal project pioneered by Herbst, from Rheda, Germany, in 2006. Following a demo, a self-titled debut album and a sophomore effort, neon (which will soon be re-released via Prophecy), Agape is the first full-length to feature permanent vocalist Neige (Alcest). Neige's primary musical outlet, Alcest, are a hypnotic, atmospheric journey through filmy, silken textures and fairy-like musical landscapes. Lantlôs allow the vocalist a harsher outlet, trading dreamy clean singing for black metal vocals and tender twilight thrumming for gunmetal and ash. While Neige may be the new voice, the compositions are unquestionably the drawing point of Agape. The black gaze landscape that Herbst creates is full of ragged edges ― sharp and grimy riffs delivered by frosty guitar tones. There are many moments of tenderness and peace in Agape, but they never set the listener at ease. This soundscape is bleak and cold ― even the gentlest crooning on "Bliss" and the emotive strumming of "Bloody Lips and Paper Skin" can't quite overcome the innate danger of the atmosphere. Agape creates a bleak, compelling landscape full of lush sounds, allowing the listener to languish loneliness. (Prophecy)