Lanky Inner Onwriter

Lanky, the name chosen by New Jersey’s Frank Stabile as his musical alias, has a sound that isn’t too hard to describe, thanks to some easy comparisons to the likes of Squeeze, Neil Finn and their ilk. Yet as part of that group, Lanky come across as just another band who sound like a bunch of other bands and that is a problem. The nine songs on Inner Onwriter don’t really cover a huge amount of ground, preferring instead to concentrate on Stabile’s strengths, namely a simple melody and literate lyrics. That doesn’t make for a dull album, but it doesn’t make for one that stands out from the crowd either. In fact, one of the strongest tunes on the CD is a hidden instrumental track that takes its time to build up nicely. There really isn’t anything wrong with Inner Onwriter, but there’s a really good chance that it might get lost in the crowd. That would be a pity though because the good moments (such as "(You Can’t Stop) Progress”) could make their mark if they were to receive a wider audience. (Imposter)