Langhorns Mission Exotica

Mission Exotica is the perfect title for this album of surf/spy offerings from the veteran Swedish trio. It starts off with one of the best spy-themed songs I've heard in ages, "Spybeat,” with its wickedly sinister riff. Following right behind it is a surf à la Martin Denny tune with great percussion work that really helps evoke lush images of faraway enchanted places. From those first two songs you can tell Langhorns has the skills to masterfully play within the whole surf rock spectrum of song types. As they have been together since 1995, it is no surprise they know how to play and/or that they show respect for the rich traditions of the form. What separates this, their third album, from the run of the mill surf album is the use of additional instruments like flute, keyboards, saxophone, trumpet, and extra percussion in imaginative ways. Mission accomplished. (Bad Taste)