​Lana Del Rey Tweets Cryptic List of Upcoming Dates

​Lana Del Rey Tweets Cryptic List of Upcoming Dates
Last weekend, Lana Del Rey returned with her new single "Love," teasing a new album that's expected out later this year. And while she didn't give us any more details about an official release date at the time, she's now rolled out a series of unexplained dates via social media.
This morning (February 24) at midnight, the singer told her Twitter followers to mark their calendars for the stroke of midnight on February 24, March 26, April 24 and May 23. Those dates were accompanied by the cryptic instructions: "Ingredients can b found online."

It's still unclear what will take place at that time on those dates, though some have pointed out that they fall in line with the occult's waning crescent moon ritual dates — so if Del Rey doesn't wind up delivering new music or tour announcements on those particular days, perhaps she'll at least join in some good old-fashioned spell-casting fun.

UPDATE (2/24, 4:40 p.m. EST): As suspected, the dates come as part of a worldwide plan by witches to cast a "binding" ritual over Donald Trump to remove him from power, a rep from Lana Del Rey has confirmed to Pitchfork. So consider this one as mystery solved!

Hell, based on her choice of emojis, she might just be sharing a really long, drawn-out cake recipe.
We can already cross off February 24 as the day the singer announced the mysterious announcement, so hopefully the remaining dates will shed a bit more light on what Del Rey has been working on since releasing her last LP Honeymoon in 2015.