Lana Del Rey "Summer Wine" (Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra cover)

Lana Del Rey 'Summer Wine' (Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra cover)
Lana Del Rey may be gearing up for The Great Gatsby, but the ever-dramatic singer is taking a cue from another recent soundtrack, Stoker, by covering Lee Hazelwood's Nancy Sinatra duet "Summer Wine."

For the track, it's as straight-up as covers gets, with Lana and boyfriend Barrie-James O'Neill sticking extremely close to the original, switching out some of the big orchestral moments for more synthetic ones and stripping away much of the original's wide-angel drama. As for the video, it's made up of grainy, retro footage that essentially plays out as a big five-minute selfie.

Check it out below.

The Great Gatsby soundtrack, meanwhile, arrives May 7 via Interscope. Lana Del Rey contributes the track "Young and Beautiful."