Lana Del Rey "Off to the Races" (video)

Lana Del Rey 'Off to the Races' (video)
Earlier this week, we heard another cut from Lana Del Rey's forthcoming Born to Die LP in the form of "Off to the Races," a tune that blends the singer's patented old Hollywood sound with modern electro and R&B influences. Now, the song has its own video.

Unlike the recently unveiled video for the Born to Die title track, this one is a found-footage clip, much like the self-released visuals that first got Lana noticed around these parts. It's a slightly gruesome collage that features lots of women wreaking havoc with guns. On the bright side, the ladies in the second half of the video manage to use their weapons to score some free slushies.

Born to Die is out on January 31 via Interscope.