Lana Del Rey "Born to Die" (Damon Albarn remix)

Lana Del Rey 'Born to Die' (Damon Albarn remix)
Blog-buzz chanteuse Lana Del Rey caught a lot of flak on and off the internet for her recent, reasonably lacklustre Saturday Night Live appearance, but the singer's stock is still high, with neither her feet nor her PR team failing her now. Enter yet another high-profile remix of "Born to Die", this time from jack of all trades Damon Albarn.

The Blur/Gorillaz guy keeps things super chill, pairing Del Rey's smoky torch song with a slinky snap beat, somewhat chiptune-styled Nintendo blips and a deep bass throb. There's some haunting knob-twisting going on as well, with snippets of the singer's low cooing hypnotically entering the Chipmunks realm before settling into the groove.

You can check it out below.