Lana Del Rey "Born to Die" (Clams Casino remix)

Lana Del Rey 'Born to Die' (Clams Casino remix)
Coming off the mixed reviews of Lana Del Rey's Saturday Night Live performance this past weekend is this remix of the singer's "Born to Die" from experimental North Jersey producer Clams Casino (Big K.R.I.T., A$AP Rocky, Washed Out).

Clams' take on the cut strips the pop tune of its straight-forward symphony swells, Twin Peaks-theme guitar reverberations and clanking one-two beat in favour of a minimalist masterpiece of chopped and looped snippets. Decaying piano plunks echo spectrally throughout the cut alongside Del Rey's moody musings, with rapturous washes of white noise flooding the senses every 20 seconds or so.

You can soak up the spooky and sensual redo down below.