Lamya Learning From Falling

Lamya, the latest discovery from J Records masterminds Clive Davis and Peter Edge, might just seem like another talented R&B star in the making, but her debut album has more depth than your run of the mill disc, thanks to some real talent. Lamya possesses a voice that is reminiscent of Nelly Furtado and Nicolette, but with a little girl sound that will prove to be an acquired taste for some people. Despite that, there are enough radio-friendly moments present to propel her into the mainstream spotlight, for at least a few minutes anyway. However, the production touch of Nellee Hooper and his ilk serves to take the edge off the interesting weirdness that bubbles not too far under the surface. The remarkably straight-forward cover of Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" hints that if she were left to her own devices, Lamya could come up with the interesting album, which doesn't rear its head often enough on Learning From Falling. (J)