Lamb of God Issuing 'As the Palaces Burn' Documentary on DVD with Extra Footage

Lamb of God Issuing 'As the Palaces Burn' Documentary on DVD with Extra Footage
Lamb of God's 2014 documentary As the Palaces Burn will be hitting home theatre setups later this fall, with a DVD release packaging the flick with extra footage.

Epic Records delivers the two-DVD package October 7, with a press release noting that the set features the theatrical release of As the Palaces Burn on one disc and two hours of "making-of" footage appearing on another.

Not to be confused with the mini-doc included in Lamb of God's anniversary edition of their As the Palace Burns, the feature length film examines the band, as well as "the impact that music and particularly heavy metal music has made on people around the globe as they live in a 21st century world full of economic uncertainty, political unrest, social injustice, and under a constant fear of war and violence."

The multicultural exploration of metal includes footage shot in Colombia, Venezuela, Israel, India, and the United States.

The bonus disc includes outtakes, full interviews with band members and fans, and appearances from Slash and Gwar's Oderus Unrungus (a.k.a. the late Dave Brockie).

The filming period of As the Palaces Burn received a shake-up as singer Randy Blythe was caught up in the Czech court trial in which he was charged with manslaughter over a fan's fatal stage dive. Blythe was ultimately found not guilty.

You'll find the chapter details for the DVD release down below.

As the Palaces Burn:

Disc 1:

1. Program Start
2. Opening Titles
3. Practice Space
4. Leaving for tour
5. South America
6. Israel
7. India
8. Landing in Prague
9. The case against Randy
10. Free Randy
11. Welcome Home
12. Return to Prague
13. The Trial
14. Closing remarks
15. Back in Richmond
16. Credits

Disc 2:

1. Chris Visits Philly
2. Randy Skateboarding
3. Randy on Longevity
4. Randy at Memorial
5. Jose Mangin sings with Lamb of God
6. John shooting stuff
7. John in his shed
8. Jose – Caracas character profile
9. Matt from Napa character profile
10. Feras & Gil character profiles
11. Randy in Caracas
12. Randy souvenirs
13. Pratika sings
14. India extended
15. Pratika Indian women
16. Pratika call center
17. India day of show
18. Israel violence
19. Exploring in Jerusalem
20. Fundraising extended
21. Prague lawyers extended
22. Chris in Prague
23. Randy post verdict interview
24. The Devil is the Details – Randy's short film
25. Slash full interview
26. Oderus Urungus full interview
27. Dave Brockie full interview
28. Original teaser
29. Desolation music video