Lake Holiday The Curse of Sunshine

Theoretically, Lake Holiday ceased to exist last year. The band’s first incarnation decided to call it a day, but Bradley Davis kept performing under the name until the second version of the band fell into place. These days, Davis is joined by Aaron Booth, Kate Warren, Tim Oakley and Jordan Armstrong, adding some stability to the band, and also welcomes guests including Gentleman Reg Vermue and former band member Frank Yang (from music blog Chromewaves). But this is now very much Davis’s show and anyone who remembers Oval-Teen (his former band) fondly will not be disappointed with The Curse of Sunshine because it sounds like a natural progression. The biggest difference between Lake Holiday and his previous band is the fuller sound. It might still be indie pop, but this is indie pop that has been polished until you can see your face, and it sounds much better as a result. Even with just six songs, Lake Holiday manage to show a few different sides, from the plaintive "Don’t Stay Forever” to the buzzing guitars on "On My Mind.” They’ve even had the EP highlight "Press Record Then Play” appear on an episode of Veronica Mars (which is becoming the new The O.C. it would appear), which can only be a good thing. The Curse of Sunshine is a promising sign for their debut album, which is just around the corner. It looks like Davis has finally found the people that could make him a household name, or as close as a guy from Illinois, now living in Toronto can be. (Franklin Castle)