Laila Biali Takes On Daniel Lanois, Imogen Heap, k.d. lang for Tracing Light

Laila Biali Takes On Daniel Lanois, Imogen Heap, k.d. lang for <i>Tracing Light</i>
With Canadian artists inventively changing things up in virtually every genre of music, contemporary jazz singer and pianist Laila Biali is out to shake things up a bit more. Later this month, Biali will release her latest album Tracing Light. It’s a mix of interpretations of songs by Imogen Heap, k.d. lang and Daniel Lanois, and jazz standards made famous by Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Doris Day, as well as her own original compositions.

According to the press release, the idea for the new record began to form in August 2009 when Biali began work singing backup for Sting's DVD production and winter tour of If On a Winter's Night... Live from Durham Cathedral.

"Sting is the consummate creative professional,” Biali said in a statement. “In the months that I got to work alongside him, I saw that the quality and integrity of the music always came first. Even after decades of success he strives for new levels of artistry, unafraid of trying new things. His dedication and courage - along with several conversations about the creative process over dinners in Italy — were a huge source of inspiration to me."

This drive to try new things is seen in her rendition of “Let Go” by the now defunct Imogen Heap group, Frou Frou. Check out the track below.

Tracing Light will be released independently on October 26. The Toronto CD release party for the album will be held at the Old Mill Dining Room on Thursday October 28 with surprise special guests. Check out Biali's MySpace for the latest tour dates and info.

Let Go - LAILA BIALI by curlybecs