Laibach Wat

Hailing from Slovenia and existing since 1980, this political and sometimes controversial electronic/industrial group seem to get better, complex and more iconic sounding with each release. Wat contains some rather consonant-ish singing and chants that are built on a foundation of nihilistic beats and dark punishing tones. The electronic musical landscape they create is not so much complex; instead, they keep it realistic and believable, leaving the complexities, dramatics and feel to the lyrics, vocal styles (which include anthemic stabs and soaring female choral flights). Think Kraftwerk with a vengeance, Marilyn Manson chemically fused to rave music, and Rammstein filtered through a computer possessed by a darkwave demon. However, things aren't too synthesised — there is just enough of an organic element (à la Einstruzende Neubauten) to the album, albeit minute, which ends up being its saving grace. (Mute)